Photography by Yann Mornet

ECVB (revisit)

By Yann Mornet • Urbex Report • 29 Apr 2012 •

The roots of this Power Plant section of the Centrale Electrique des Flandres et du Brabant company (CEFB) go back to 1913 since the industrial development of the canal nearby. In 1956 the company went into the hands of EBES (Sociétés Réunies d’Energie du Bassin de l’Escaut). In 1990, INTERCOM, UNERG, and EBES merged to form Electrabel. Today, a part of the plant is still operated by Electrabel.

Built in 1959, ECVB was conceived to utilize coal, oil & natural gas as fuels. The current plant consists of two units: 1) a boiler and a backpressure steam turbine generator (Group 20), launched in 1974,  supplying steam for the paper mills around, and 2) a gas turbine with alternator and a recovery boiler equipped with an afterburner (Group 30). During this time the plant was producing electricity for general consumption and was processing steam for the neighboring companies.

Since the 1st January 2010, steam is not being delivered to these companies  anymore as they have become self-sufficient thus the gas turbine and recovery boiler ceased operation.

Here, you can find the photography report of a previous visit in July 2011.

I would like to thank particularly Y-Lan as a posing partner, Anakronik who gave me precious post-processing advice and Ah-Chi who assists me in editing my English documentation.