Photography by Yann Mornet


By Yann Mornet • Urbex Report • 16 Aug 2011 •

This Power Station is pretty unique and the finest abandoned spot I’ve visited so far. Yes, it is extraordinary. It has to be said.

Inside, I was not able to find any “Jon was here”. No tags, no graphs either. This place is decaying very well and many objects remains:  cables, repairing tools, desks, books & registers… Plus all that you can expect about a power station: combustion room, control rooms, control panels, pipes, alternators, chimney, many stairs…

I spent more than eight hours there. It was raining during the first day and you can’t imagine how the melodic sound of rain drops in the alternator room is enjoyable. You could sit and spend hours to listen to it. On day two it was quite sunny and the sunlight changed everything, as if I have discovered a new place, a new vision of the global architecture, pipes, stairs…

This place is still preserved… so far. We ought to be very grateful of the extraordinary opportunity we have to admire such an abandoned place. Let ECVB decay as it deserves to be.

You can take a look to the second gallery I made after a revisit of this place.