Photography by Yann Mornet


The Wharf III

The Wharf

3 Sep 2015

On a beach called Plage de la Salie where numberous fishermen and surfers come to [&hellip

Regards Croisés


9 Sep 2013

Hello everybody, I will exhibit some photos from 11th of October to the 7th of [&hellip

Air Crash 02

Air Crash

12 Aug 2013

Somewhere in France a plane crashed about one dozen years ago

Château Casseroles, Stairs 1

Château Casseroles

4 Aug 2013

Between 2001 and 2008 a televised competition which aimed to search for and educate new [&hellip

Petra Tou Romiou, Aphrodite's Rock

Aphrodite’s Birthplace

19 Jun 2013

A few words about how my Aphrodite’s Rock photo could have been taken

Two Eyes, Red Eyes

Railway Workshop

13 Jun 2013

Created by the Compagnie des chemins de fer du Nord, this workshop was used to [&hellip

HH2, Outside View


5 Jun 2013

Back to an exploration made during a Summer camp in Belgium in 2011. I had [&hellip

Powerplant IM, Control Room II

Powerplant IM

20 May 2013

Back to a place I have explored in the fall of 2012. Powerplant IM was [&hellip

Pearl Hospital Surgery Lamp 1

Pearl Hospital

10 Mar 2013

The clock has been ticking in this city as jobs are more and more difficult to be preserved

The Cathedral

Terres Rouges Plant

9 Nov 2012

In the Southwestern part of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Terres Rouges is an [&hellip

ECVB, Cockrill Room

ECVB (revisit)

29 Apr 2012

The roots of this Power Plant section of the Centrale Electrique des Flandres et du Brabant company (CEFB) go back to 1913 since the industrial development of the canal nearby

Château Clochard - Rosace

Château Clochard

27 Mar 2012

Famous spot of Urbex amateurs, this castle lies somewhere in Picardie. Having a long history, this medieval fortress was never overtaken during The Hundred Years War

Sofia 2008

17 Sep 2011

I had the opportunity to shoot a little bit -not so much- in the city’s streets

ECVB Cockerill Room


16 Aug 2011

This Power Station is pretty unique and the finest abandoned spot I’ve visited so far

The Basement II

Hôpital B

16 Aug 2011

This hospital which is a former sanatorium, was built in

Camargue VII

Piemanson Beach

13 Aug 2011

South of Arles, in a region called the Camargue, this beach stretches from the Grand Rhône to the Faraman lighthouse


9 Aug 2011

Beside my existing web site you may already know, I’ve decided to put the very best of my work in a dedicated Portfolio website