Hairs, Feathers and Scales: these are Animals!

Journeys fuse discovery and human connections, propelling us beyond the familiar and into new realms of understanding. They open our eyes to the myriad cultures and landscapes this world has to offer, deepening our appreciation for its vast diversity. Beyond just a break from the monotony of daily life, travel grants us the space for reflection and sparks inspiration. Among the many expeditions I’ve embarked on across various countries, Africa holds a special place, with unforgettable journeys to Namibia once and South Africa twice, including explorations in the majestic Kruger Park.

It was in these places that my interest in capturing photos of animals not seen in natural habitats in Europe developed.

Squirel Monkey 2, French Guiana
Buffalo, Kruger Park
Ara bleu, Ile du Salut

So, I traveled, took numerous shots, then sorted and compiled my most successful photos into this new gallery that I present to you.