The Beast In The Bathtub

During my first foray into the Bas Buissons Hospital in 2011, I was intrigued by an unusual bathtub, positioned at the center of a room rather than traditionally adhering to the wall. It then occurred to me to take a picture isolating this element out of context, from which a fantastic entity would emerge. This is how the outline of The Beast In The Bathtub began to take shape in my mind.

First Bathtub Encounter

Without skipping a beat, as soon as I got home, I immediately planned another visit. I had this vision of a monster emerging, leveraging the edges of the bathtub to rise from it, dark yet with a hint of greenish blue. On the designated day, I stopped by the supermarket near the site to buy black nail polish, and then I staged the first photo:

The Beast In the Bathtub I

A few months later, I met Solène, who embraced my photographic project and agreed to pose for me in that same location. We made a total of two trips there, and with the help of some props, I developed the second photo of this series :

The Beast In the Bathtub III

Still in 2011, I embarked on an expedition to Belgium. While exploring the HH2 Hospital, I stumbled upon another bathtub. I didn’t have any props with me, I figured out a simple composition:

Rusthuis, The Beast In the Bathtub IV

And a few days later in HH4, fortunately, a showerhead was lying around:

The Beast In The Bathtub III

These things are not so easy to find, and I also did less exploring than before, so some time passed before I took a fifth photo:

The Beast In The Bathtub V

Unfortunately, things stopped there, but I still hope to one day expand this series that is particularly dear to my heart.

The Beast In The Bathtub is a new gallery and is now available here.